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It is a truth universally acknowledged that two women obsessed with Jane Austen will inevitably start a podcast about it. Join Annie and Jessie - two women of the modern era, general book lovers and internet nerds - as they dive into the books, the adaptations and all the other inspired works of the woman whose brand remains strong to this day. From Sense & Sensibility to Clueless, we're tackling them all!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Mansfield Park: Chapters 26-30

    Ahhh, we're back, and it didn't take that long for Jessie and Annie to have... a change of heart about Mr Henry Crawford, did it? Buckle up, because we've got a proposal in store for you, and your humble servant/hosts have a lot to process. Loudly.    MENTIONS Casey McQuiston's One ...


  2. Mansfield Park: Chapters 21-25

    Turns out Maria is driven by spite, and we are here for it. Edmund and Mary are still making eyes. And Henry is back to ruin lives with his change of heart. What is Fanny to do? ### MENTIONS * Leigh Bardugo's [*Shadow and Bone* Trilogy]( and [*Six of Crows* Duology]( * Yumi ...


  3. Mansfield Park: Chapters 16-20

    Uh oh, Sir Thomas has returned to Mansfield Park, and the kids have some 'splainin' to do. Annie and Jessie cover the drama on and off the stage as love triangles (and squares) continue to shenaniganize. ### MENTIONS * Tracy Deonn's [*Legendborn*]( * Nnedi Okorafo's [*Home (Binti #2)*]( * Talia Hibbert's [*Get ...


  4. Mansfield Park: Chapters 11-15

    Oh, boy, let's talk DRAMA. Our Mansfield crew has decided that putting on a private play would be a most gripping diversion, despite Edmund's disapproval. Nothing like throwing a group project onto a situation rife with entitlement, sexual tension, and love triangles to make life easier. Jessie and Annie dive ...


  5. Mansfield Park: Chapters 6-10

    WHEW, more love triangles than a geometrist can handle! Jessie and Annie return to Mansfield Park and try to sort out all the crisscrossing connections, talk about the unkosher way the others talk about Fanny's physical abilities, whether Rushforth should be sympathized, and why Mary Crawford is no Caroline Bingley. ...