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It is a truth universally acknowledged that two women obsessed with Jane Austen will inevitably start a podcast about it. Join Annie and Jessie - two women of the modern era, general book lovers and internet nerds - as they dive into the books, the adaptations and all the other inspired works of the woman whose brand remains strong to this day. From Sense & Sensibility to Clueless, we're tackling them all!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Mansfield Park: Chapters 1-5

    Y'all, all the pieces are going on the board, and we are settling in for the long game now. Jessie and Annie read *Mansfield Park* for the first timem, starting with the first five chapters, and is it *juicy* already! So many people! Nuance! What's going to happen? We don't ...


  2. Pride & Prejudice: The Adaptations

    What, you thought we were done with Pride and Prejudice?! Well, buckle up, gentle listeners, because we've got a lot of episode for you! Jessie and Annie tackle as many adaptations of as they possible can, and they don't do it alone! Special guest and BFF4EVA Liz joins the two ...


  3. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 56-61

    Oh, me, oh, my, get comfortable because we're talking the end of Pride and Prejudice! The Darcys get engaged, and Jessie and Annie have a *lot* of things to say on the matter, almost as much as Mrs. Bennet! ### MENTIONS **Aidan Thomas's *Cemetary Boys***: []( **Allie Brosh's *Solutions and Other Problems***: ...


  4. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 51-55

    Holy cow, not just one marriage but *two?!* The newly legitimate Wickhams make a visit to Longbourn before retiring to what's sure to be a humble, quiet existense in the north, but not before dropping the knowledge bomb that is Darcy paying for the wedding, the comission and Wickham's debts. ...


  5. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 46-50

    Y'all, it's going down now. *Lydia has run off with a man,* and now everyone is running around trying to fix this colossal scandal. Elizabeth has some feelings about Darcy's feelings. And Mrs. Bennet is a total mess. ### MENTIONS **Brit Bennett's *The Vanishing Half***: []( **Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone's *This Is ...