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It is a truth universally acknowledged that two women obsessed with Jane Austen will inevitably start a podcast about it. Join Annie and Jessie - two women of the modern era, general book lovers and internet nerds - as they dive into the books, the adaptations and all the other inspired works of the woman whose brand remains strong to this day. From Sense & Sensibility to Clueless, we're tackling them all!

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  1. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 36-40

    As is oft the way, when a man who insulted you and ruined forever your sister's happiness suddenly proposes to you and reveals a family secret, you're going to need some time to think about it. Lots of thinking happened in these chapters, and Jessie and Annie are going to ...


  2. BONUS: BIPOC Book Recs and Other Things

    This episode, we’re going to take a break from our inconsistently scheduled program and bring you some awesome book recommendations to support some amazing BIPOC writers and creators. ### MENTIONS **Jasmine Guillory’s *The Wedding Date***: []( **Andrea Levy’s *The Long Song***: []( **Talia Hibbert’s *Get a Life, Chloe Brown***: []( **Rivers Solomon’s *The Deep***: ...


  3. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 31 - 35

    We're back, baby! We took a few weeks off thanks to a little tiny pandemic thing and some life stuff, but we're back on this Austen horse, and hoo boy, do we have things to say! So does Darcy, it turns out, enough to fill a whole letter. What is ...


  4. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 26 - 30

    Here it is, a week late! Insert some joke here about burning the wick at both ends or something because Wickham is gonna Wick. No matter, though, because we're heading to Rosings, y'all, and finally going to see if the esteemed Lady Catherine de Bourg can live up to her ...


  5. Pride & Prejudice: Chapters 21 - 25

    Collins has a rebound, Mrs Bennet is fretting, and Wickham is gonna Wickham. ### MENTIONS **Netflix's "Love Is Blind"**: []( **Celeste Ng's *Little Fires Everywhere***: []( **Hannah Capin's *Foul Is Fair***: []( If you want to join in on the conversation, join us in reading **chapters 26 to 30 of Pride and Prejudice** Talk to us! We’d love to ...