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It is a truth universally acknowledged that two women obsessed with Jane Austen will inevitably start a podcast about it. Join Annie and Jessie - two women of the modern era, general book lovers and internet nerds - as they dive into the books, the adaptations and all the other inspired works of the woman whose brand remains strong to this day. From Sense & Sensibility to Clueless, we're tackling them all!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sense & Sensibility: Chapters 26-30

    The Dashwood Sisters head into town, Elinor compartmentalizes, Marianne gets some bad news, and Col. Brandon is unhappy (shocker!) ### MENTIONS **Hamilpop**: []( **Rainbow Rowell's *Fangirl***: []( **Rainbow Rowell's *Carry On***: []( **Rainbow Rowell's *Wayward Son***: []( **Caitlin Moran's *How to Build a Girl***: []( **Caitlin Moran's *How to Be Famous***: []( **Buffering the Vampire Slayer**: []( **The Boiler Room: A ...


  2. Sense & Sensibility: Chapters 21-25

    An unwelcome secret is revealed, and we run the gamut of opinions of the Steeles (aka the Bizarro Dashwood Sisters minus Margaret, whoever she is). Edward needs to get his crap together. Mrs Jennings wants some company to London. Mea Culpa: *Someone* (coughAnniecough) did something weird with her microphone during recording, ...


  3. Sense & Sensibility: Chapters 16-20

    Marianne is super sad, you guys. So is Edward. Actually, so is Elinor but more quietly. We also make new friends with the Palmers, sort of, who have the hot goss. Annie is a book lemming, and Jessie is a lot braver than she seems. ### BOOKS ...


  4. Sense & Sensibility: Chapters 11-15

    Willoughby and Brandon suddenly have to leave, and they can't say why. (Probably not to run off together, but one can hope.) Jessie read a really good book, and Annie isn't sure about some of these menfolk. The Telegraph article: []( If you want to join in on the conversation, be sure ...


  5. Sense & Sensibility: Chapters 6-10

    There are a lot of Dashwoods, and Jane Austen introduces us to them all, the ones that we love, and the ones that kind of suck. Jessie and Annie have a lot to say based on first impressions (yeah, I went there). If you want to join in on the conversation, ...